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GREAT QUOTES = from = SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR = (Dated : 11-Mar-2012)




(Dated : 11-Mar-2012)

Sri Sri RaviShankar, the founder of the ART OF LIVING,  needs no introduction.

His efforts to bring different religions together in a harmonious atmosphere are always astounding. Now – Guruji is visiting Pakistan for the same purpose. May his efforts be strengthened by the Almighty – so that all children of God see the God himself in all people.

I have been covering his quotable quotes in this Blog periodically, for the benefit of all disciples of Guruji (including me). 

Here are a few of his latest quotes.

Ø  Complaints take away the beauty that is inborn in you. For external beauty, you put on things; for real beauty, you have to drop all things, including your complaints. For external beauty, you have make-up; for real beauty, realize you are already “made up”!

Ø  "There is no conflict amongst people who know the truth. Ego creates war and makes it worse. Wars are won through peace." Sri Sri honoured at Seminar on Mysticism & Spirituality in Islam & Indian Religions at India Islamic Culture Centre, Delhi, organized by Al-Mustafa International University, Iran.

Ø  Sri Sri visits Pakistan after seven and a half years, 12 - 14 March….."They have invited me with a lot of love. We have reached 100,000 people through the Art of Living in Pakistan. There was also a lot of relief work done during the floods in Sindh. If both India and Pakistan spend just 1% of their defence budget on promoting peace and maintain regular people contact, terrorist forces will not get an opportunity. Politicians work up the anger in people to create their vote banks. But if we build a bridge between people, no politician will be able to play with sentiments." Udaipur Maha Satsang, 10th March

Ø  Some people say "Let God do everything and surrender" and others say "I have to be responsible." Surrender is saying "Let Thy Will be done" and "Thy Will" for you is to take responsibility for the whole world. Total responsibility is total surrender. It's a little hard to chew, but this is the truth.

Ø  What you cannot win with guns, you can win through love. The most powerful thing in the world is love! We can win the hearts of people through love. The victory that comes out of ego is worth nothing. Even if you win in ego, it is a loss. Even if you lose in love, it’s a victory!

Ø  Q: Out of action, duty and spirituality, what should be given priority?;  A: First tell me, while watching TV would you like to hear first or see first? "I'll hear first and see later or see first and hear later", will it work? They all go together.

Ø  All colors emanate from white, and when mixed again, they become black. When your mind is white and consciousness pure, peaceful, happy and meditative, different colors and roles emerge. We get the strength to play various roles with full sincerity. Colors are the complexity of life. White is the simplicity. When your heart is pure, your life becomes colorful.

Ø  Whatever you revere becomes bigger than you. When you have reverence in all your relationships then your own consciousness expands. It is the reverence in every relationship that saves the relationship. Cultivate the skill of having reverence every moment in your life.

Ø  Prayer within breath is silence;
Love within infinity is silence;
Wisdom without words is silence;
Compassion without aim is silence;
Action without doer is silence;
Smiling with all existence is silence.

Ø  Pull back your attention from the object of the senses to the senses, and then to the source of mind. This journey within will you give you the strength and endurance to go through all the ups and downs of life

Ø  Snatch every opportunity to celebrate, then you feel great and full. Celebration reminds you of the fullness of the moment. The moments you are in the company of knowledge and the Master are the most precious moments in your life. Treasure them. Treasuring them you transcend the mind, time and space. That is true celebration.

Ø  The whole of life is a game to be played. It is not a struggle. Nothing can destroy you. You are a drop of immortality, a drop of something eternal. Your spirit is eternal. And it is alright if this does not ring a bell right now.

Ø  First of all connect to yourself. When you go deep in yourself and let go of all the anxiety and know that you are loved by the universe, you get inner strength. The universe loves you, air loves you, space loves you, the sun and moon love you. So you are surrounded by that energy of love and you’ll just melt in meditation and that is what gives that inner strength; so solid, child like again. Free from inhibitions, free from worries, being natural!

Ø  When the water flows within banks, it's called a river. When water is scattered all over, it's a flood. So when the emotions get flooded everywhere, mind is in a mess. If it is intensely flowing in a direction, then that is Bhakti (devotion). And that is most powerful.

Ø  The path of love is not a tedious path. It's a path of joy. It's a path of singing and dancing. It’s not a desert. It is a valley of flowers.

Ø  Life has four characteristics -- it exists, evolves, expresses and extinguishes. For this, it depends on five elements....

Ø  Ayurveda is the study of life. Ayur is life and Ved means to know. According to Ayurveda, life or existence is not a rigid compartment, but a harmonious flow. Even the five elements of which the whole universe is made of are not tight compartments of defined objects. They flow into one another.

Ø  Butterflies don't know the color of their wings but we know it. Likewise, you don't know how sweet you are but I know how special you are to me.

Ø  Only when we rise above desires and we are dancing on it, then it is a dance of joy and bliss. This is not just imagination. This is the truth. This energy awakens within us and we rise in dance. The Divine energy pervading the entire creation is eternally dancing.

Ø  You walk until you come to the ocean. You don't walk or run in the ocean - you float and swim. Like this once you come to the Master, seeking stops, blossoming begins.

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