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 We will continue the summary of  "the science of action" (or, Karma Yoga) further here :


  • THREE ESSENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS (also called the 3 GUNAS) : 3 essential characteristics called Sathva, Rajas and Thamas govern the whole universe. These three Characteristics are inherent in us and are responsible for propelling us into different actions from time to time .

  • SATHVA GUNA : Sathva Characteristic is predominant in the wise person. It's hall mark is compassion. He is strong but doesn't use strength unnecessarily. He has no enmity within him and thus has no enemies outside.

  • RAJAS :  Predominant in the man of action. Activity and anger come to the fore in his character.

  • THAMAS :  Predominant in the idle, hateful, jealous and the fearful persons , these characteristics give out the Thamas nature in them.

  • KARMA OWNERSHIP : No doubt man chooses Karma. But, he can perform the Karma, leaving its ownership to the Creator - and not taking credit or debit for it on himself. This elevates such Karma to its highest, noblest form. Do thy work with great devotion, without succumbing to negative sensations / feelings. But, most people do not understand the essence of this karma Yoga.

  • SENSE CONTROL : Senses in association with the three Gunas propel us into doing or not doing various actions. So, for proper and noble action beneficial to all, SENSE CONTROL is essential for man.

POST.5 :

1.   LIKES AND DISLIKES : Man is a slave for his own Likes and Dislikes and must be very careful in forming such likes and dislikes. Dispassionate and correct action becomes difficult because of them.

2.   SWADHARMA : Devotion to one's own profession in life removes the ill-effects of Likes and Dislikes and infuses dispassion into our actions.

3.   DESIRE and ANGER : People invariably get into Crime and sin because of desire and anger (un-righteous behaviour) born of Rajo Guna.

4.   SENSE CONTROL : Sense control is the first requirement for avoiding unrighteous forms of desire and anger. After sense control comes Mind Control and intellect control.

5.   ATHMAANUBHOOTHI : The purpose of this is to experience the Self, the ATHMAN, which is the real YOU. This experience is called ATHMAANUBHOOTHI.

6.   I salute the Lord Krishna for giving us this treasure of KARMA YOGA,  which is the essence of Life. In some subsequent Posts, I shall also summarize the teachings of some Great masters on Karma Yoga, which will further reveal to us the beauty of the SCIENCE OF ACTION taught to us - by Lord Krishna.


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